Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring

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Afghanistan Media Bank:

Afghanistan Media Bank (AMB) is part of FKH Media, which is providing Media Monitoring services for companies, governmental and non governmental organizations.

   Actually, gathering of talented national Software Developers and FKH Media’s several years experience in Media, caused formation of AMB in Afghanistan.

Our Services: 

  • Tracking Television, Radio, and Printing Advertisement: Tracking and reporting of commercials or non commercials activities  in different mediums(for a special brand or its business competitors)
  • News monitoring: Monitoring and reporting of Broadcasted news in different mediums for governmental or non governmental organizations.
  • Copyrights tracking: Checking and verification of copyrights on transmission of songs and programs on different mediums. (Commercial / Government)

Our services are useful for the following customers:

  • Companies
  • Advertisement Agencies
  • Governmental Organizations 
  • Non Governmental Organizations

We are equipped with professional media monitoring hardware and software which is enabling us to collect huge data’s, processing them and generating different types of reports to our customers.