FKH Media - Advertising & Film Production Co.

Address: FKH Media, House #387B, Street #5, Karte 3, kabul, Afghanistan
Office:   +93(0) 20 22 33333
Mobile: +93(0) 79 88 88 333
              +93(0) 79 88 88 444
Sound Studio&Dubbing

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Sound Studio and Dubbing:

The FKH Media sound studio is enhanced and equipped to produce radio ads and spots and also FKH Media started films’ dubbing from 2006. on that time Dubbing had never been professionally done in Afghanistan. We hired the services of experts from abroad and trained a group of talented people. It proved fruitful and quality started happening in Afghanistan. Presently, over 40 artists are onboard with us.

Dubbing of the 2300 minutes film in Dari and Pashto languages is one of our achievement in dubbing.

Postman Pat SeriesDubbing team